Friday, July 29, 2005

Evening program

Yesterday evening, Yesenia and I went out on a date. We went to a program that one of the departments provided. It included a short play, called "Studio Q," two dramatic recitations of poems, and one performance (three songs) by a classical guitarist. His name is Saul Vera and he is truly a master of his art. The drama performance went well, but because the sound wasn't working well we couldn't hear much of it. The guitar went extremely well, as we knew it would. He is a friend of ours. One poem was recited by one of my students (Antonio), and it went very well. The other, recited by a woman I don't know, was very difficult to hear because people were talking during it. Overall, it was a very nice evening.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Plans and more plans

It is interesting how things change over time. I wasn't planning on coming to Mexico until August, but my girlfriend talked to the university president here, and they decided to pay me enough for me to pay my debts to my university, so they told me at the last minute that I could come to teach English again this summer. So I asked my brother to buy me a plane ticket and I flew down here. Here I am, teaching English, busy as ever. I don't have a lot of time because I have books to grade. But I also wanted to mention the plans Yesenia and I have for the future. We would like to work here in Mexico (maybe at this university if they want me) for on academic year. Actually, the director of the English Academy is leaving the school, so possibly I can fill her position for next year, but we'll see. Next summer we would like to go to Perú so that I can meet her family and talk with her parents directly about marrying their daughter. Sometime not very long after that, we will probably get married (Perú seems a likely location), and when that happens, I'd like to go back to the US and get my master's and doctorate. Then it will be in God's hands where we go (as all our plans are now, of course), but those are our plans for now. But tonight we were talking about our plans, and we had a midweek service, and while the preacher was preaching I had what I might call a vision of what the future might be. I see myself working here, possibly for a long time (maybe after I have my master's or doctorate). I may also end up teaching classes in theology, not just in English. Everything is in the Lord's hands. God bless!