Saturday, November 13, 2004

Miscellaneous events

Searching for a title that would be a bit novel, I considered, "Welcome to the Expion News Network: all Expion, all the time!" but I decided that that would be a bit much.

Thursday I had a podiatrist appointment, because I have been having trouble with an ingrown toenail for about six months (while using various measures to cure it), and he decided to do the surgery right then and there. I'll have to see him in about a month, but it was nice to be really doing something about it. I thought I was missing class, because it took long enough, but I had forgotten that the teacher had cancelled it already. Then I let my other teacher and my boss at work know that I wouldn't be making it and why (I had to keep my foot elevated), and had my roommate post a sign on the door to the computer lab to let my tutorial students know I wouldn't be tutoring. I had a very relaxing day and got some stuff done. I got enough sleep also, which helped me have an awesome day yesterday.

Today was neat as well: It was the second reading for the transfer of my membership, so I am now officially a member of la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día de Keene or the Keene Spanish SDA Church. I love that church. When they asked for a raising of hands from whomever wanted to accept me into membership, I think the whole church waved their hands. I know that they always do, pretty much, but it was special to me, especially since one friend of mine was at the same time mouthing the words "Bienvenido a tu familia" or something like that.

Sabbath School (Escuela Sabática there) was very interesting, even though it was on a very technical subject. We were talking about Daniel 7, and what the prophecies mean, and how looking at these prophecies and how they have been fulfilled SO clearly should strengthen our faith dramatically. It was great. I was in the youth pastor's class, and he explained things very well.

The sermon was good, too, all about how we should be sure we are saved, not because of our own strength, but because of His strength. We shouldn't feel lost if we commit a sin, but should simply come back to Him. We don't stop being His child when we sin, we just have to fix the problem. It was great. I must admit I had some trouble staying awake, like I did last Sabbath also, because last night I stayed up quite late chatting with friends on MSN Messenger, and then was picked up for church a little after nine this morning.

But the best thing about today happened while I was typing this: my girlfriend called from Mexico, and we were able to talk for a few minutes. She is going to try to call me again (at least I think that's what she said) if she can find another phone card or something. I can only hope, but talking with her was so awesome, even for just a few minutes. She is so precious to me. She is missing me a lot, just like I am missing her. We are trying to find a way that we can see each other before May. We'll see what happens. Maybe she can come visit me here. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More news

More big things going on in my life, in different ways. One thing, which is not even my news, is that my ex-fianceé, Sylvia, is getting married this Sunday, to the guy who broke off their previous engagement. She seems very happy, though, and everything seems resolved, so I can only congratulate her and wish her the best. I'm glad we're still friends.

In more personal news, my girlfriend and I seem to grow closer every day, even though we are something like a thousand miles apart. She is perhaps the best woman I have ever met. She is a very spiritual person (which I value highly), but not at all holier-than-thou. I love her, and she certainly loves me. I must find a way to see her before May. That's just too long to wait! She keeps reminding me that this is building our patience, and our characters are the only things we will take with us to heaven, but I still don't want to wait. We've talked once a week on the phone since the day I asked her out, and we've been emailing and have also started chatting on MSN Messenger whenever we get the chance, but it isn't the same. And phone calls are so expensive, even with a phone card. If any of you have advice on a cheaper way to be able to call, I would love to hear it. I wonder if I got a cell phone if I could use the free evenings and weekends for that. Maybe they don't work internationally. I should look into that.

In other news, I am quitting one of my jobs, in exchange for the start of my own business: Cromwell Tutorial Service. Yes, I do take credit cards: Cromwell Tutorial Service has an account registered with PayPal where those credit card deposits can be made. As yet, my advertising is entirely word of mouth, among my friends and the students in my regular tutorial. I have decided to continue holding the writing tutorial I do for the school three nights a week (two hours a night), for several reasons: the tutorial is where I got my reputation for being good at helping students with papers (though I am willing and able to tutor other things, and have previous experience tutoring math and Hebrew, as well as instructing a lab for General Biology), and to keep my reputation strong, I will hold onto it. Also, I really enjoy doing it, and it gives people options. I don't mind it when people come to the regular tutorial, but there are several advantages to paying me to tutor you: my tutorial is available six days a week, not three; rather than waiting in a line which I may not get through for my help, you have my full attention for that hour; and the first visit with me is free, so if you don't like what I'm doing, you don't owe me anything, but if you do, the next time you can pay me. I really feel like it is a win-win situation. I'm currently planning to put up flyers on campus, to send out an email, and I'm looking into making a video ad also. Maybe it would be worthwhile to canvas the high school, etc. as well, or even put an ad in the local newspaper... If you guys have advertising ideas, I'd like to hear them.

I also have a new email address: Please use this address for all future emails to me. I haven't shut down my old one, but I'll be rarely using it in the future. I know I told many of you that I was planning on sticking with Yahoo forever, and I was even more sure of it when they upped their quota to 100 MB, but a friend of mine showed me Gmail (from the people at Google) and invited me to try it. Because it is a beta right now, you can only be a part of it if you are sent an invite, so it is very much like word-of-mouth. There are several things I really love about Gmail, including the 1000 MB quota, the searchable mail, the labels used instead of folders (meaning that one email can show up in more than one category; a great improvement IMO), and (last but not least) the new "conversation" format for emails. This conversation format is awesome: you can look at what you wrote to someone and what they wrote back to you, all on one page, and composing is right there on the same page, too! There are other cool things about Gmail, but this gives you a taste. I don't think I'll ever go back!

Live life intensely and don't stop dreaming!