Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Silence is golden, but this is ridiculous!

My apologies to any/all of you who are following this blog. I have not updated it in a very long time. However, the title of the blog is fair warning, I would say. Since my last blog post, I either have not had time, or have not felt like it.

I went with Yesenia to Peru in December. I did not ask for her hand in marriage, because I did not feel ready. For the same reason, we have not made wedding plans.

This semester has been hectic, with a class for administrative secretaries, a class in English Composition, the same two classes in the elementary school, a class for the Theology department, a class for Sciences of Education department (during Spring Break), and working in curricular development, among other things.

The plan now is to come back to the US in early July, see all my family, take the GRE and GRE Lit, apply to grad schools (maybe in WA near my parents and two of my brothers or in TX near my other brother and his family, maybe in southern California like my English teachers did, maybe somewhere else), find a temporary job, etc., etc., etc. I'm going to be busy.

Because of the combination of things that are happening right now or about to happen, I'm feeling mixed/odd. I'm happy, sad, apprehensive, and more, all at the same time.

Please pray for me. And if you have an recommendations on grad schools, info on the GRE, or other comments, feel free.

I hope you have an extraordinary day!