Saturday, September 25, 2004


I guess this is a combination between random thought and almost journal entry, but I have time and I feel like it, so it fits:

Today I have experienced one of the best days of my life. Not that anything mindblowing happened, but I have been truly blessed. This morning, I woke up after a fairly good night's sleep, and had an extended morning devotion that was exceptional. Usually in my worships, I tend to follow a particular pattern, but this morning, I just had a talk with God in my prayer journal and told Him how I wanted to be like a new Christian, and how I wanted Him to have control of my life. It was awesome, and I felt so connected to God.

Then I went to church at the Spanish Church, where I've decided to transfer my membership. I love it there. It is so friendly and open, plus it gives me a chance to practice my Spanish and be surrounded by it, something I've been missing since I came back from Mexico. I got there a little late (with a ride from my roommate, who was kind enough to give it to me), and the program was already started, though the sermon was still ahead. I got a good seat, up near the front, and really enjoyed the sermon. It was a blessing to me, all about how Joshua (Josué) was nervous when he took over the leadership from Moses, but God came to him and told him three times to be strong and valiant. The preacher focused on why God told him 3 times to be strong, and explained that God only repeats himself like that when it is very important. He used an illustration from Spanish, how when something is rather small, they call it poquito, but when it is extremely small, they call it poquitititito! Finally near the end, he emphasized how the promise that Joshua received is a promise to us as well. We should be strong and valiant in the face of everything, and if we are, God will do marvelous things in our lives also, just as He promised to Joshua. This reaffirmed my faith.

Then at lunch today, I was able to sit with two of my favorite professors (both English professors) and their families. That was both enjoyable and affirming.

Then this afternoon, a big group of us from my school went to the botanic gardens, but it wasn't just a walk in the park (so to speak), but there was a sort of lesson/Bible study added in, where someone would read something and talk about it. It was great. Very affirming of my beliefs, and making me want to be the kind of Christian she was describing.

So overall, today has been a wonderful day, one of the best.

Friday, September 24, 2004

To Ponder

To Ponder

By Thomas L. Cromwell

One day I happened to perform

a peccadillo minor

But hastened quickly to reform,

to thus become the finer

My conscience clear, I then returned

to business as I saw it

Convinced the sin I had abjured

would not come back to spot it

‘Twas short-lived, far as respites go:

the guilt next day was stronger

And pressing on my heart-strings so,

I could not bear it longer

This heavy weight upon my heart,

it gave me quite a beating;

I soon divined by thinker’s art

the cause: what I’d been eating

Thus any open, thoughtful mind

is forced to ask the question:

How many times has suicide

been caused by indigestion?

Truly, it is amazing how deeply we are absorbed in the absolutely trivial in life. How many people live a life that is actually worth living (not that I am questioning the value of human life: I am questioning the use people make of theirs), with an awareness of who they are, where they are going, where they have come from, and their reasons for their actions (self-awareness, in sum); and how many people are caught up in living life blindly, moment by moment, never raising their heads above the smog of the daily grind/drudge to actually take a look around them, reassess their priorities, and see what life is all about?

It is exactly like a quote I once heard from someone famous:
Life is what happens while you are doing something else.
I have found in my own life that there are only a few things which are truly important, and everything else is dispensable. It may be interesting or urgent (not the same as important!) or stressful or relaxing or a host of other adjectives, and many things are worth keeping in one's life that are not truly important, but those other things can come or go with no lasting or significant/serious effect. The few must be preserved for life to remain meaningful. These are ultimately a list of priorities, to put things back in perspective, revive one's self-awareness, and practice a life above the smog. My list (for now, in stream-of-thought order [NOT order of importance, though the first is most important]):
  1. My walk with God, and all that goes with it. This gets as simple and practical as the fact that when I don't take time to have morning devotions, my day goes kaput; and as deep and meaningful as the absolute necessity of my belief in Christ and His ability to save.
  2. Meaningful relationships with true friends and loved ones
  3. Self-acceptance
  4. Purpose/direction. This goes back to the Biblical quote: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18.
At first it may have sounded like I was referring to physical objects or activities as being important, but when everything else is stripped away, the important things are inside.

I admit that I spend time in the smog, worrying about what people think of me and who likes whom and other trivial matters, but I, too, must continually recapture the vision, and choose again to live life above the smog.


Dear family, friends, Romans, countrymen...oh nevermind. :-)

I have been convinced of the beauty of having a place to spill my general thoughts and news, so this is it. I don't know how often I'll have time or desire to do so (particularly time), but I'll try to do it at least once a century. So check back every once in a while, and comment if you like.

Quote from my roommate Robert: "People are so stupid." Agreed. Present company excepted, of course. ;D

In any case, welcome to my blog. Please enjoy.