Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Steps forward, backward, and sideways

We had to rework the certification in order for it to be acceptable (which led to working till 2 or all night several times), but it is currently under review with the state board of education. We're hoping it gets their approval and that way this summer will be the first summer we offer something that is officially recognized.

In other news, my in-laws returned to Peru early in February, but my mother-in-law fell quite ill almost upon arrival, so my wife was very anxious to go and be with her. We decided that a visit of about two weeks was in order, since as long as she was going, she might as well spend some time. We finally arranged for her to leave, but without realizing that Mexicans can no longer enter Peru without a visa, which now applies to my wife as a naturalized Mexican, even though she is originally from there. So we looked up information about getting the visa, and the website said that it would take 72 hours to process the visa. She was supposed to leave on Sunday, so with an appointment for Monday, she wouldn't receive her visa until Thursday (between 2 and 3 PM, the site said), so we changed her Mexico City-Lima ticket to Friday (and moved the return flight to a week later), since the only flight with the airline we chose leaves at 2:50 PM, which would not be enough time to get to the airport from the embassy. She still flew to Mexico City on Sunday, naturally, where she is now, but, surprisingly, they were able to give her the visa today. Now she doesn't want to be stuck in Mexico City for the rest of this week, so we're going to change the ticket once again, to tomorrow. Fortunately, her uncle and aunt agreed to help us with this ticket change ($130USD), so at least the expense isn't something we have to worry about for this part of it. It looks like her mom is doing a bit better, but a) my wife wants to make sure everything is really okay and to be there if she has a relapse and b) we already bought the tickets, which, though I think they can be canceled, would cost us to do so. So it looks like I'll be all by my lonesome for the next 2-3 weeks. I've got plenty of work to keep me busy, though.

I already talked to the university about the fact that we're planning to leave this summer. The only thing keeping me from being sure of it is that I don't yet have a job lined up in the US. The ideal would be in Monterey, CA, where I want to study, but I'm also looking into just having a job for now and worrying about the studies a little later.

And I might as well mention, though it isn't really my news, that one of my brothers is getting married in early August, so I'll have to be there for that!