Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life is good, but busy

Please note, all ye who enter here, that requests that I update this blog will normally be ignored. The title of the blog should be sufficient to understand it: two elements are required for me to blog here: time and desire. Under the exceptional circumstance that both of these are present, I will blog. Otherwise, I won't blog. While I do appreciate the interest shown by such requests, their ultimate usefulness is questionable.

Now, to the update/summary of my life at this moment: I have been married for almost three months. Married life seems to agree well with me (in other words, it's great!). We are living in town. I am working as the English Academy Director and as Director of Missions for the university where I work, in addition to giving classes at the elementary school in Preschool, First Grade, and Second Grade. While the English Academy does not have as many students as I would like, life is still quite busy. I am working on a proposal to convert the not-officially-recognized English Academy into an officially recognized university-level school of languages with a Bachelor's degree in English. In other matters, we attend a small church in town (attendance: 20-30), where I have been asked to be leader of the Youth department, and we are also serving on one of the teams that lead AY about one Sabbath a month. Additionally, I frequently give the children's story and have been asked to preach on occasion. Life is good, but busy.

For all who read this, I wish an extraordinary day!