Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More changes to plans

Hey look, everyone! I blogged twice in the same calendar year! Recently, that's some kind of record. As you can read above, my plans have once again changed. The main reason I wanted to be in the US this summer was to take the GRE. The Academic Vice-President called me into his office a few weeks ago and explained to me that, since the English Academy Director was leaving, that I was his first choice to fill her role. When I mentioned the test I needed to take, he explained to me that I could take it in Mexico City, and that we could arrange for me to leave my work for a weekend or so, allowing me to take that test. So I decided to stay for the summer course. It ends towards the end of August, so I'd better already be talking to universities, etc.

Another idea that a friend of mine told me is that I could offer to stay on the condition that they let me go get my Master's and doctorate in the US and that they help me with it, plus that they change my status to "Inter-Division Employee" in the church, which, as long as I want to keep working in the church system, would put me light-years ahead of starting from zero as most people do. It would also facilitate an easy switch if/when I got a call from another part of the world to teach English there, as I dream of doing in many places.

That second thing is still just an idea, but I do rather like it.... We'll see how things turn out.