Tuesday, June 08, 2010

God is good (all the time!)

I am so blessed.  Besides it being my birthday today (well, technically yesterday), I received two great birthday presents: a place to live and a job!  I spent basically the whole day today in training to be a security guard.  I will be working security for the US Open Golf Tournament.  It is short-term, but at least it is something.  And I finally moved into the house where I'll be living.  I've only got a room, but it's enough, and for a pretty good price, too.  I also have wireless internet, etc., so hopefully I'll be able to be more in touch than before.  I'm working on a couple other work leads as well.

I'll be starting work tomorrow for the Pre-Championship.  Oh, and while I'm off-duty, I get into the US Open for free!

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