Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stuff going on

Here's my most recent news:

My first security guard job is coming to an end, because so is the US Open.  Fortunately, as I might have mentioned before, I now have a guard card, so I can work anywhere in the state as a security guard.  So that's something to fall back on in case of emergency.  I'm applying to work for a large phone interpretation company.  I hope that works out, since I think it and my Masters program will be mutually beneficial.

One of my supervisors on the job is a neat guy who has quite a few connections and is willing to share his information, so hopefully that will also be helpful in Job Search Part 2.

I'll be helping out this week with VBS at my local church.  That should be fun, and will fill up my evenings.

I hope all y'all have an extraordinary day!

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