Monday, June 28, 2010

Telephone interpreting...soon?

Well, I finally had two phone interviews with a telephone interpreting company.  The first one was a bit more informal, but also included a practice interpreting session.  The lady who I was talking to, Elizabeth, said I could schedule my proficiency test for another time or do it right then.  But she said she felt I would do fine, even if I did it right then.  So I said I wanted to go ahead and do it at that time.  I passed, as she had said.  :)  We talked about scheduling some, and I explained about Sabbath and classes: I need a schedule that will not include Friday night or Saturday, and also one that will accommodate my classes, since you can't change your schedule in the first three months, and my classes will be starting in two months.  Elizabeth finally mentioned one schedule that would work fine for me, from 5 AM to 9 AM, Sunday through Thursday, but she also said that it wasn't reserved until I talked to another woman, Bo, in my formal interview, which we scheduled for the next day at 10:15.

The next day, Bo called and she asked me about my background, etc.  I told her my experience, and then we started talking about scheduling.  That's where the difficulty occurred.  The schedule that Elizabeth had mentioned was not available.  In fact, there were no schedules available that didn't either go over Sabbath or conflict with my classes.  She mentioned that they had requested some new schedules from the scheduler recently, and said that they would let me know (send me the official offer, etc.) as soon as the new schedules became available.  And that was that.

So now it's a waiting game, as far as that job is concerned.  In the meantime, I'm looking into other options, such as online translation work, more security work, and professional tutoring.

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