Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Work, Money, and Love

I've gotten a few hard shifts at work recently, and I'm low on sleep, but overall I'm doing okay.  For the rest of this week (which is all there is to the job), I'll be on the 6 AM to 1 PM shift, so at least I won't be working nights or every other shift or anything like that (like I have been doing the last day or so).  I'm also starting to get ready some more permanent work options, including getting set up to be a professional tutor and going through the application process to be a telephone interpreter.  I'm a little worried about that, since they said you can't change your schedule for three months, and by then I'll be in school, so I want to make sure that my schedule with them doesn't clash with my classes.  Oh, and I heard that I can do the rest of my security guard training (8 hours this month, 16 more within six months, and a total of 40 within a year) online!  That should make things easier.

I finally opened a bank account a few days ago, which has really made a lot of things easier.  For now I've been getting money out of my Mexican bank account at the ATM and putting some of it into my American one.

Just a day or two ago, my wife called me, and we chatted for a while on the phone, and then I got her set up with Skype, so we switched to video chat through that.  It was wonderful to see my wife again, not to mention hear her voice!  I've missed her a lot.  She told me that her police certificate that she needs for her immigrant visa will take about three months to get.  So it looks like it will take longer than that before she can be with me.  It's a very long time to wait, but it definitely gives me something to look forward to!

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